INCHORAL - International Choral Festival Network


Our intention

The activity of the association is used exclusively for charitable purposes. InChoral aims to promote art, culture and education, particularly in the field of amateur music, choral singing, as well as contemporary music. In particular, children and young people should be encouraged.

How to achieve

By organizing events for musicians, singers, choirs, choral conductors and music educators, conductors, children and youth people, issuing publications, notes, etc., supports for individuals and groups.

The New INCHORAL evaluation System

We would like to establish a common evaluation system, so that the results of the participants will be compared using the same criteria.

Artistic Director Gábor Hollerung: 

“The new evaluation system of all our future events shall preserve all the advantages of the well-known evaluation concept that I worked out while introducing new criteria to provide a more efficient assistance to choirs’ learning with a more detailed and perspicuous evaluation system. Beside other aspects the jury will give choirs a feedback about the programme dramaturgy, the selection, difficulty etc. In evaluating a choir, taking all the criteria into account, we aim at finding a most desirable proportion of various elements in order to provide a realistic feedback on the choirs’ performance.
This new generation of choir competitions – which are now united under the auspices of InChoral – International Music Competitions Network – will focus on cultural exchange, getting acquainted with one another and a shared musical experience, beside well deserved success of the choirs.”




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