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“Adriatic Pearl”
Dubrovnik, Croatia

“Adriatic Pearl” Intern. Choir Festival & Competition

October 27 – 31, 2023, additional dates to be announced

Competitive Participation

Non-competitive participation


A – with requirements in
(A1 – Mixed Choirs, A2 – Male Choirs, A3 – Female Choirs;, A4 – Chamber Choirs, Vocale Ensembles)

B – without requirements in 
(B1 – Mixed Choirs, B2 – Male Choirs, B3 – Female Choirs,, B4 – Senior Choirs)

G – Children and Youth Choirs
(G1 – Children Choirs, G2 – Youth Choirs of equal voices, G3 – Youth Choirs of mixed voices)

S – Musica Sacra

M – Modern (Popular/Modern/Jazz/Gospel/Spiritual)

Festival Activities

Evaluation Performance

Individual Coaching

meeting in music concerts

Conductors meet the Jury

We use the InChoral Evaluation System

WIN A Grand Prize of 2000€!

more details…

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